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The easy way to sell your sterling silver.


How do I know my flatware set is actually sterling silver?

Genuine sterling silver flatware sets will always bear a fineness marking, such as “Sterling” or “925″. Items marked “Plate”, “EPNS”, “EP”, or “Nickel Silver”, or which do not contain a fineness stamp, are not sterling silver.

Some foreign pieces may contain “hallmarks” or symbols in place of a text marking such as “Sterling.” These items are also sterling silver (or may be even higher in purity) and can be purchased. We can assist you in determining the meaning of markings on your pieces.

If you can’t find a marking, we are still glad to take a look at your items with no obligation.



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My set is tarnished, incomplete, or has broken pieces. Can I still sell it?

Yes! We pay for the raw silver content of your items, not their appearance or antique value.

How do you know what to pay for my sterling silver set?

Our offers are formulated on the market price of silver and the weight of your items. By using this process, we remove all guesswork and ensure you an accurate and fair transaction.


Is sterling silver pure silver?

No. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver, mixed with 7.5% copper. In reality, manufacturers typically use about 91-92% silver in their products.


What are my other option for selling flatware?

Because of the dramatic rise in silver prices, the raw metal value of sterling silver flatware has outgrown its antique value. In other words, in past years an antique dealer would be willing to pay the value of the silver contained in the set, plus a hefty premium. Now that the value of the silver is much higher, these same dealers can usually no longer afford to pay a premium and still be able to resell the set at a reasonable price. For this reason, it is almost always advisable to sell your set to a precious metals buyer like us.

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We purchase sterling silver flatware brands, regardless of condition or set completion. These brands include Tiffany, International Sterling, Wallace, Gorham, Reed & Barton, and more!