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What kinds of silver coins do you buy?

We purchase both pure silver (also called .999 or bullion) coins and bars, and impure silver coins. These include all US dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars made before 1965. This is sometimes referred to as “junk silver” or “coin silver”. These coins are 90% silver mixed with copper.

Examples of pure silver (bullion) we purchase are:

  • American Silver Eagles
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Silver Chinese Pandas
  • Silver Art Rounds

Example of coin silver:

  • Morgan dollars and Peace dollars
  • Mercury and Eisenhower dimes
  • Kennedy half dollars (1964; we also purchase 1965 Kennedy halves, which are 40% silver)
  • Benjamin Franklin half dollars
  • Washington quarters

We also purchase sterling silver coins, flag sets, silver bars, and silver jewelry.

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Morgan Dollars
Peace Dollars
Kennedy Half Dollars
Roosevelt Dimes
Washington Quarters

All Pre-1965 Silver Coins

How much do you pay for silver coins?

Our offers are formulated on the current market price of silver, the purity of your silver coins, and their total weight.

I have silver coins from the early 1900s. Aren’t these worth a lot?

While these coins are worth considerably more than their face value, many companies use deceptive advertising promising customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars per coin. Unfortunately, 99% of circulation silver coinage is only worth its weight in silver and no more. In rare cases, a very old coin that is kept in pristine condition (or a coin in any condition that contains some kind of double strike or other mint error) is worth considerably more than its silver value.

What about foreign silver coins?

We typically cannot purchase foreign coins that do not have a clear silver content marking.


How do I know if my coins are silver?

All US dimes, quarters, half dollars made before 1965 are 90% silver coins. All US “silver dollars” made in or before 1935 are also 90% silver. Kennedy half dollars dated 1965-1969 contain 40% silver, and are another popular American silver coin.

We also buy silver coinage from other countries, as long as the coin contains at least 40% silver. If you are unsure if your foreign coins contain silver, call or come in for a free appraisal.

Currency coins differ from bullion coins. Bullion coins like American Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, or Chinese Pandas contain pure silver, and are marked accordingly. We also buy these coins, as well as silver bars and silver rounds.

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