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More than a promise - a guarantee



Tips every precious metals seller should know.

Everyone says they pay the most for your gold, but we are the only gold buyer in South Florida willing to actually back that claim.

Our Guarantee: If we can’t beat any written competing offer for your items, you get $250 cash.

If you receive a Guaranteed Best Price offer in any of our stores and need to speak with someone about beating a competing offer, please call 954-239-7277. We reserve the right to verify and counter competing offers.

Guarantee applies to scrap gold jewelry and scrap sterling silver only. Competing offers must be from a state licensed gold buyer, in written form, and must include the date, current market price, and weights of your jewelry sorted by karat/fineness.  Because market prices can fluctuate dramatically, offers must have been made within the previous 48 hours. If a competitor makes a higher written offer, we must have the opportunity to verify and counter the offer before the Guarantee can be claimed.

“Scrap” jewelry means jewelry not containing diamonds or semi-precious stones, and also excludes designer jewelry which has resale value beyond the raw precious metals value.



  • Tip 1:
    Deal with businesses using properly certified jewelry scales.

    Some businesses advertise unrealistic payouts to get customers in the door, then understate the weight of your items to buy them at much lower rates. For this reason, Florida state law requires businesses dealing in precious metals to have state certified and inspected scales, to ensure accuracy. Each scale should have a state issued seal. If the scale hasn't been inspected by the state, it is advisable to at least get a second offer before selling.

  • Tip 2:
    Know the karat or purity of your items.
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    Not all jewelry is the same in terms of pure gold, silver, or platinum content. If possible, examine your pieces to determine their karat (purity). An ounce of 10 karat gold is worth significantly less than an ounce of 18 karat gold, for example. If a business purposely or accidentally misidentifies the purity of one of your items, you could be shorted. To learn more about purities and jewelry markings, click the button on the right.

  • Tip 3:
    Whenever possible, don't let your items leave your sight.

    Some metals buyers ask to take your items to a back room, or complete the testing process out of your sight. While this does not mean that the buyer is dishonest, our philosophy is that appraisals should occur in full view of the seller.

  • Tip 4:
    If you're not ready to sell, ask for a written quote.

    Honest precious metals buyers are not afraid to clearly state their offer in writing. While offers can be subjects to change dure to volatile market prices, this is no excuse for a business to not write down their price, the weights of your items, and other information relevant to the offer. If a buyer refuses to put their offer in writing, it is best to shop elsewhere.

Metal Content & Purity
10 Karat Ring 10 Karat Ring Contains 41.7%
pure gold
14 Karat Ring 14 Karat Ring Contains 58.5%
pure gold
18 Karat Ring 18 Karat Ring Contains 75%
pure gold
24 Karat Ring 24 Karat Ring Contains 100%
pure gold
Gold Karat, and Fineness Markings
Silver Fineness Markings
Platinum Markings
  • .999 (24kt)
  • .916 (22kt)
  • .750 (18kt)
  • .585 (14kt)
  • .417 (10kt)
  • .375 (9kt)
  • .333 (8kt)
  • .999-Fine Silver
  • .958-Brittania Silver
  • .925-Sterling Silver
  • .900-Coin Silver
  • .800-Jewelry Silver
  • PT/PLAT .850 (85% Platinum)
  • PT/PLAT .900 (90% Platinum)
  • PT/PLAT .950 (95% UK Standard Platinum)
  • PT/PLAT .999 (99.9% Pure Platinum)
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